Twin Breastfeeding Pillow Reviews – Best Nursing Pillow at Home

To have one child is already a blessing but having a twin is such an extra gift from God. You will have double happiness, double dreams for them and other “double things” because you have double children but at the same time, you will need to have an extra effort and extra time to take care of your twins. One of the most difficult things a mother of twins should think of is how to breastfeeding the twins

We all know how important breastfeeding for babies as it is the most healthy food that they can get. With two babies who you need to feed every several minutes is a big challenge for parents especially for moms. That is why every mom needs to have some materials that will help them to aid breastfeeding problems. A twin breastfeeding pillow will aid breastfeed challenge for mothers.

You can check a hundred of different brands of twin nursing pillows for breastfeeding in the market but you don’t have to stress yourself in finding the best pillows because we are giving you the two of the best pillows that you can use for your adorable twins.

Surely, you will love both of these pillows and at the same time, you can choose what is best suited for you and your two lovely twins. Check out these two different pillows and decide for yourself.

To breastfeed twins more comfortably, you need to position yourself in the most comfortable area or spot. You can use a sofa, chair, or even bed if you are comfortable in any of these spots. Just prepare first all your needed materials before feeding your twins for an easier breastfeeding process.


There are also some positions for the twins so that they can have easy access to feeding. These positions may help you and your twins to be comfortable during feeding time. Some of those positions are the following:

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Criss-Cross or Front-V Hold: The mother‘s hands are holding the twins’ bodies from underneath while the babies’ heads rest on Mom’s forearms. The twins’ legs are pointing in opposite directions while their bodies lie across their Mom’s lap.

Cross-Cradle Nursing Position: This is the position wherein the twins are lying with their mother while their feet and bodies are pointing on the sides which are in the same direction. The mother’s arm is cradling the head and upper back of the twins.

Saddle or Parallel Hold: In this position, both of the twins are facing on their mom’s chest. This position is best for babies who can sit already.


There is more breastfeeding for twins that you can do but these three are the most common.

What Can I Do to Make Breastfeeding Twins Easier?

As we have said, having twins is not easy especially if it is breastfeeding time. To make it easier for moms to breastfeed her twins, three of the most common answers are the following:


  1. Preparing the materials needed for breastfeeding before anything else.  
  2. Positioning of the twins while breastfeeding which were discussed above. 
  3. The use of the most comfortable breastfeeding pillows for them. 


Stated below are two of the best pillows that mothers can use when breastfeeding her twins.

 1) My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins

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My Best Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins is made with 100% polyester. It can encourage better posture for breastfeeding moms as it alleviates strain in the back, neck, or arms.

It is big enough to support both of the twins in the breastfeeding process. This breastfeeding cushion twin also comes with a great pocket that can keep breastfeeding materials like towels. It is adjustable which is perfect for mothers of different sizes. The product assures that it can wrap mom’s bodies securely by providing the best support for both the mother and the twins.

  • Back Support
  • Convenient Pocket
  • Wrap-Around Design
  • Tandem Nursing with Arm Support
  • Preferred by the Lactation Consultants
  • Cheaper Than the other Leading Brand

Why buyers like this product?

Mom of twins who already tried this pillow is contented and happy with this product. They assure that the pillows are made with a firm foam platform which gives good back support during the breastfeeding time. It is also specially molded to hold your twins and so that they won’t roll off.

Using this cushion, tandem feeding had been much easier for moms.  Most of the time, moms don’t want to feed twins at the same time because it is hard for them to do so but with this pillow, they can feed their twins effortless. This brand of the pillow is adjustable in size, so whether you are slim or a little bit “healthier” than usual, then you can still use it. This also aids some mom’s soaring arms because of holding the twins.

Another great feature of this product is that it is cheaper than the other leading brand of the pillow in the market and you can also add its great pocket which holds the nursing materials.

2) THE TWIN Z PILLOW – 6 uses in 1 Twin Breastfeeding Pillow

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The Twin Z Pillow is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to breastfeeding pillows for twins. It is a must-have pillow for moms of twins. It offers great back support for moms and twin babies. This pillow is great for 6 great uses such as breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and tummy time, reflux, support and pregnancy pillow.

  • 6 Uses in 1 Twin Breastfeeding Pillow
  • Great Back Support
  • It can be customized

Why buyers like this product?

Moms of twins love this product because, for them, this is one of the great buys. The best thing for them about this cushion for their twins is that it is made with very soft and firm foam that is great for moms and babies. The size is also perfect that moms can do tandem breastfeeding hands-free.

Some of the moms who tried it already love how the pillow provides great back support during breastfeeding time. While some of the mothers even say that this is the best nursing pillow that they had. Even it is a little bit pricy, you can assure that it has very good quality.

The manufacturer also offers customization of the pillow; you just have to contact them on their website.

The manufacturer also gives a warning to the future buyer of the product to never let the baby sleep on the support pillow to avoid possible suffocation of the babies.  They also ask the parents to not use this pillow in cribs, bassinets, playpens or beds. They reminded moms to always be present when the pillow is in use and not to leave the baby unattended when the pillow is in use because the improper use of this pillow can result in an injury or even death.

This warning reminded the parents to give extra care when using the product and they love the brand because of this warming as they feel that the manufacturer cares for them.

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