Preparation for a C-Section Delivery: A Simple Guide for Soon-to-be Moms

hospital bag check list for labor & deliveryHello there soon-to-be moms. Whatever stage of pregnancy you are now, I’m sure that you are feeling excited and nervous at the same time.  Some of you know that you will undergo the cesarean surgery or commonly known as the C-section delivery while some are hoping that they give birth in a normal delivery. But as the date of delivery goes nearer and nearer, no one can have an assurance that you won’t undergo this surgery so you better be prepared.

Preparing for Cesarean Section Delivery

Giving birth must be the most difficult yet the most fulfilling moment for mothers. Most of the mothers wanted to deliver their child in a normal process but there are some reasons why they need to undergo the C-Section delivery.

To be ready for a c-section delivery, you need to do the following:

  1. Have a regular check-up to know if your body is ready if you need to undergo a c-section delivery. During check-ups, they will monitor your blood pressure the same with your blood to check if you’ll need additional blood ready during the surgery.

  2. Prepare the things that you’ll need before, during and after the surgery. Keeping things organized will lessen the tension and pressure you’ll feel during the surgery because you have peace of mind. Here are some of the things that you’ll need:
  • C-section Underwear
  • C-section Belt
  • Robes and Hospital Gowns
  • Postpartum Pads
  • Postpartum Sofa


  1. Prepare yourself. Always have the courage and strong faith. Being nervous won’t help.

Preparing for Repeat C-Section Delivery

Everything may be different for a second time around. If you have undergone a c-section surgery, then you might think that you have experienced it all but you might be wrong also. There are some things with the second delivery that would be different from the first. Some moms say that they find it more painful during the second surgery and it is harder to recover. Some complications may happen that didn’t happen in the first one. 

During the second time that you’ll need to undergo in the same process, you still need to prepare the things that you have prepared during your first time. This time, you may add the things that you have missed the last time.

C-Section Hospital Bag Checklist

We have mentioned that one of the ways on how to be prepared for your c-section surgery is to have your things prepared and putting these things inside would be a great help. But what must be the things inside your hospital bag?

c-section hospital bag

Here is the checklist that you might consider:

  1. Birth Plan
  2. Folder/s for Important Documents
  3. Personal Hygiene Kit (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)
  4. No- skid Socks
  5. Comb and Hair ties
  6. Lip balm/ Lip Moisturizer
  7. Cellular Phone
  8. Power banks/charging cables
  9. Snacks

I am finishing this post at now. Hope you got an idea for preparing for c-section. On next blog, I will write some blog more for c-section recovery, Now You can read next article about 6 must have for c-section recovery .



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