How to clean your Breast Pump and Accessories in the Best way

You often heard that it is endorsed, to wash foods like veggies and fruits because they can be contaminated due to germs. As it is necessary to wash food products to avoid germs, it is essential that you keep cleaning and sterilizing accessories associated with breast milk to make sure safe and healthy pumping for both the mommy and baby.

Though, you may also have heard that breast milk has a lot of germ-killing and antibacterial substances. Is it mean that you require to sterilize your breast pump and all accessories each time you use that? If yes, then how will you know that your breast pump and their accessories are safe and clean to use? Keep on reading to know why it is necessary and how you can clean your breast pump and its accessories in the best way…

Is it required to clean breast pump accessories before using first?

The answer is yes! Remember whenever you purchase breast pumping accessories wash it before you use it. Because it can be contaminated with germs.

How many times should you clean your breast pump parts?

Bacteria can grow on many other breastmilk parts, but itself breastmilk is full of such natural ingredients that fight against bacteria. It means it is not required that you wash breast pumping accessories every time. But after disassembling each part of the pumping set, use the clean hot soapy water to wash out breast pumping accessories. Then wash out suds and let it dry by leaving into air or dry with the neat cloth. But to keep you on the safe side, I recommend that you should sterilize your pumping accessories one time a day.

Which breast pump parts should you keep cleaning?

All parts of the breast pump should be neat and clean after each use such as breast milk bottles, breast shields, valves, connectors, bottle lids, and membranes. Immediately after use washed each part which comes into use during breastfeeding to avoid the growth of bacteria. Dry all parts with the damp cloth to let it dry.

Before pumping

All your breast parts which come into contact with the breast milk must be neat and clean. Every time you initiate pumping session soap wash you’re both hands with the clean water and then let them dry into the air or dry it with the clean towel. You do not require to clean your breasts until they have any cosmetics or cream on them which can have harmful chemicals and can be dangerous for your little one.

Tips to clean accessories after breast pumping

Always wash your pumping equipment like valves, bottles, and breast shields that come into contact with your breast or with your milk and then thoroughly dry it for the next pumping session. Here is a step by step process to clean pumping accessories after each session:

  • First, wash your pumping accessories with the quality drinking water at the 20 °C to 68 °F to wash out any milk protein residuals which can be left behind.
  • In the next step wash all parts with the hot water at 30 °C to 86 °.
  • Then rinse off all components again through filtered water about 15 seconds to 20 seconds.
  • On the other hand, you can wash the top parts of all pumping accessories with normal detergent. You can put the smaller parts in the hollowware section. Remember that breast shields, breast milk bottles, and teats should face downwards.
  • Then dry all equipment with the neat and clean cloth or let it dry in the air or you can also clean it with the tea towel.
  • Moreover, never forget to check manual instruction for cleaning breast pump accessories.

How should you sterilize your breast pump and accessories?

I recommend you to wash your all breast pump and its accessories once in a day.  There are methods which you can use to wash your breast pump:

Boiling method to wash the breast pump and its accessories:

The first step is to separate all the components individually which touched breast and milk. Take a pot and fill it with the water. Add all pumping accessories in it.  Warm the water under fire until the water is boiled. When water starts boiling keep boiling it until 5 minutes. Let the water cool and then smoothly remove all its parts with tongs.

Keep all sterilized parts onto the towel or clean surface to let them dry. As recommended, store all pumping parts into the cool and clean place when they are not in use.

Steaming method to wash the breast pump and its accessories:

In it, you can use any neat and clean microwave bags. Then put little water into the bag. Put all pumping equipment into it. Then put it into the microwave. The steam washing which will take place within the clean microwave bag will kill 99.9% of all harmful germs and bacteria. So the teats, bottles, pumping shields and dummies are safe and clean to use. So, with the help of a microwave steaming bag, you can use all the pumping accessories within a few minutes.

After Sterilizing…

When you will be done with the cleaning and sterilizing use the breast pumping equipment. Let it dry before you use it:

  • Remove all parts from the sanitizing bag, from the pan, or from the sterilizer with the help of clean tongs or clean hands. Be cautious while doing this not to burn yourself!
  • Remove if any part has excess water, then let it dry with the neat and clean towel or let it dry into the air.
  • Keep all the parts into the clean storage container or into the clean surface.

Wash all the pumping equipment after its use and let it sterilize completely at least once in a day. It will make sure that feeding through breast milk is secure for your little darling. Through the above-given steps, you can keep your breast pump and its accessories neat and clean.

Happy Cleaning!

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