Difference Between the Spectra S1 vs S2

Spectra breast pump is one of the most popular breast pumps in the market. With so many brands to choose from, Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 are two of the most recommended pumps. Their quality makes them stand out from the others but there is still some confusion for many because of these pumps. Since they have the same brand, some frequently asked questions about these two are the following:


  1. What is the difference between Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 breast pumps?
  2. What makes Spectra Breast Pumps good?
  3. Who should use Spectra S1 and who should use Spectra S2 breast pumps?

We will be answering these questions in this article. This article will serve as a guide for future buyers of these products.


Spectra S1: Overall Product Description

Spectra S1 Rechargeable Electric Breast PumpSpectra S1 is a rechargeable pump designed especially for working moms to give them comfort and confidence while they are breastfeeding. This is designed for moms and lactation consultants worldwide. As stated, it is rechargeable thus making it be very portable and can be easily used by active moms. It has a quiet and discreet feature for a very at-ease pumping Another great feature that makes Spectra S1 different from others is its added night light which allows moms to use the pump at any hour. This pump weighs 2.9 lbs and has a very strong pumping power which can pump 250mmHg. It has also the single and double breast pumps feature that allows moms to pump both breasts at the same time Spectra S1 also has a digital controllable button which you can control and allows you to set the system based on the speed and the rhythm that your body wants. This pump also comes with a timer. Spectra S1 has the quietest motor used so that while using it, moms can just feel like a natural sucking method. This product costs a way higher than Spectra S1. It costs more than $300 but as of now, you can save up to 40% as it only costs less than $200 from special promotion period.

Spectra S2: Overall Product Description

S2 Electric Breast Pump Hospital StrengthSpectra S2 has its soft pink color which was specially selected by Spectra’s Lactation Specialists. A SpectrumS2 has a “backflow protection” which protects the milk from harmful bacteria. It is specially designed for moms who stay at home. Spectra S2 breast pump weighs 3.3 lbs and is BFA free that makes it safe to use. It has also a quiet use feature that when switched into “massage mode”, acts as the natural sucking of the baby. It operates at 45 decibels. Most of the features of Spectra S1 are also in Spectra S2 except that this one is designed especially for moms who stay at home. Spectra S2 worth its price as it only costs less than $200.

Difference point:

Spectra S1
Spectra S2 Plus
Spectra S1
Spectra S2
3.3 pounds
3.3 pounds
7.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches
7.9 x 7.9 x 6.7 inches
Breast Suction
Single / Double
Single / Double
BPA Free
Closed Loop System
Hospital Grade
Special Promotion
Check Promotion!
Check Promotion!

Having the same brand assures that these two Spectra breast pumps have both good quality. They also share almost all the features but since they are still different, there are only some points that differentiate one from the other. One of their differences is their weight. Spectra S1 breast pump is 200 grams heavier than Spectra S2. It also comes with a rechargeable battery thus making it more expensive than Spectra S2.

They are also designed based on two different kinds of moms: the working moms and the stay-at-home moms. One of the pumps is recommended for working moms while the other pump is recommended for the latter reason.

What Makes Spectra Pumps Better Than the Other?

Spectra Breast Pumps are one of the best pumps in the market. These pumps are hospital grade pumps that are both with the best of quality.

Spectra breast pumps have also a single and double breast pumps feature wherein it can pump two breasts simultaneously. It has also a closed-loop system that allows the milk to stop from going back to the system. This also helps so that the pumps can be easily cleaned. It is also very quiet to use that you can pump quietly where no one can even realize that you are pumping. They may cost a little expensive than other pumps but you can have an assurance that every penny that you’ll pay is worth it.

Of course, most importantly, Spectra breast pumps are BFA Free making it safe to use.

Should I Purchase the S1 or S2?

Both of these pumps have a good quality but the use of each depends on why you are using a breast pump. If you are a working mom; then you should buy Spectra S1 and if you are a stay-at-home mom; then you may use the Spectra S2 breast pump.

Who should use Spectra S1?

Deciding which of the two Spectra to use is not that hard. You are recommended to use Spectra S1 if you are looking for a breast pump which:

  • You can use it while at work or while traveling.
  • You can use it at home especially when you can’t find the power port but you need to pump.
Spectra Baby USA - S1 Plus

Who should use Spectra S2?

On the other hand, you are recommended to use Spectra S2 if:

  • You’re a stay-at-home mom who needs to pump milk.
  • You are looking for a Spectra breast pump at a lower price.
  • You are more comfortable to use a pump that is directly plugged in the socket.
Spectra Baby USA - S1 Plus

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