C-Section Recovery Must-Have Items

For faster recovery, the best and the most appropriate things would help. To be extra careful and doing what is told by doctors might prevent you from having postpartum depressions which is common for cesarean mommies. Here are some of those things that would keep you relax and comfortable.

Moms have a lot of things to consider after the c-section delivery. One of these is choosing the most comfortable underwear that they can wear when their incision area is already healing. Choosing the underwear that you are going to use after the surgery might be the last thing to your list but that is one of the most important things that you need to consider.

 This underwear should act as a compression that can help in reducing swell in the incision area and also supports the tissues that are weakening on postpartum. These kinds of underwear can also help moms to bring back their tummy’s figure and flatten the area of the incision. Also, cesarean moms suffer from too much itchiness in the incision area but by using specially- designed undergarments, you can feel lesser itchiness. The underwear also offers healing recovery support.

There are so many different brands of c-section underwear that are available in the market. You can check them online and choose the best suited for your needs.

#2 Recovery Belt

Most moms who undergo in the c-section delivery are advised to wear a c-section recovery belt or what they called as binders. Some of the hospitals where you are going to give birth might provide you one. This belt helps in the healing process. As a cesarean mom, I also tried what the hospital offered and it’s quite helpful. It helped me to move easier that I have no fear that my incision would bleed.

Some of the doctors advise using binders for 6-8 weeks 24/7. For that long time, I enjoyed using it yet there are times that I feel that I need to loosen it a bit. I also bought an additional 2 binders so I can wear them alternately while washing the others. For almost 2 months, I never had any difficulty in using a binder and I think that it helped for faster recovery of my wound.

But for reference, one thing that moms made a mistake when using binders is thinking that it can help in losing weight. Yes, it can somehow help in flattening and getting back the shape of their tummies but it won’t help in reducing their excess fats.

#3 Robes and Hospital Gowns

There are times that we, as girls want to have customized things to use especially for special events like birthdays, weddings or even giving birth. Yes, you can bring your hospital robes or gowns but you can only wear them after the surgery because the hospital will provide one for you during the operation.

After giving birth through the c-section surgery, doctors might advise you not to wear pants because it would be difficult to inspect the incision area. Wearing pants may also one of the reasons why moms would find it difficult to roam around.

Because of these reasons, there are some robes or gowns available in the markets that are designed for cesarean moms. These types of gown will let you air your incision area without letting it exposed too much. It will also give better access for breastfeeding. This gown will make moms who undergone c-section surgery more comfort thus, contributes to faster recovery of the mother.

#4 Postpartum Pads

Some would ask why they need to prepare pads. It is because moms who delivered baby might experience heavy vaginal discharge after they gave birth. You might need plenty of pads because you need to change frequently as you can so that you will stay fresh and fell clean. Changing pads frequently might also prevent you from having infections. It is best to change the pad every 2-3 hours after delivery and for the next three days onwards, you can change every 4-5 hours depending on how heavy your discharge is.

Some of the moms who usually wear pads during their periods might have something in mind about which pad they are going to use. Since bleeding after giving birth is a heavy flow, then moms may want to use pads that they are using for night use- something that is long and can hold a large volume of blood.

But since you are still in a healing process, you have to consider the comfort that the pads you are using can give you.  You may want to choose a cottony –soft pad that can do the heavy job. Some moms still prefer to use washable pads but most of the time, moms who only gave birth a few days before use disposable pads because they can’t wash their pads. It is more convenient for them to just dispose of their pads.

#5 Postpartum Sofa and Recliner Chair

Some may wonder what would be the relation of the sofa for recovering from the c-section surgery but believe me or not; the sofa has a big contribution to the healing process of cesarean moms.

Doctors advise moms to stay at bed for at most 2 weeks after giving birth to have enough rest and to regain their strength. Doing as little as possible and cuddling your child more often would contribute to faster recovery. It is better to heal first and do more after healing rather than doing a lot of things after giving birth, got sick before realizing that you need rest.

That is why using a postpartum sofa is very important. You might be tired lying every time in your bed and you want to sit but find it difficult to stay sitting in the bed. You will love your sofa because you can sit while resting your back on its side.  For moms who just gave birth, there is no best sofa but the most comfortable for them to use. Some may want to have a super soft sofa while others might want a not-so-soft one. Again, the perfect sofa for every mom is the one which makes them comfortable.

#6 Silicone Scar Removal Sheets

One of the concerns of most pregnant moms why they don’t want to deliver their baby through the c-section surgery is that they will have a scar. It is known to everyone that erasing a scar is very difficult to do. But thanks to science, they have found ways on how to remove scars or even just to improve its appearance and one of them is by applying the silicone scar removal sheets. Based on some studies, applying silicone for an adequate time can give a better appearance of the scars.

Together with silicone scar sheets, there are also other treatments for the scar that are available in the market like silicone gel, which also have the same effect as the silicone sheets. But using them won’t give you a quick and instantly removed scar. That will take a long time or even reached more than a year.

For some moms, they didn’t do anything to improve the appearance of their scars because they say that they are proud of their scar s because it only shows how strong they are for delivering their babies.

The Bottom Line

     The stated information above is just a simple guide. Still, it is best to talk to your doctor for the best advice that they can give. They know the best for you because they are the ones who check everything on you.

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