8 Best Nightlight for Breastfeeding – Night Lamp for Diaper Changes

baby nightlight for nursingEvery mother may agree with me if I tell that one of the most challenging parts of being a mother is when our little ones wake up in the middle of the night and wanted to drink milk or wanted to poop.  It is a challenge to walk in a dark room and find the things you need to do what you need to do while turning on room lamp may hurt our eyes in a minute and may take up several minutes before we can adjust.


To breastfeeding and to change diapers at night is something off to mothers. There is a big chance of waking up the baby when turning on room lights that is why breastfeeding nightlights to sleep have been invented. These may be the most common dilemmas of mothers or even fathers who wake up every midnight to take care of their little ones.


Some may try to use a dimmer light for their bedside lamp but still, it won’t overcome the quality of breastfeeding nightlights. There are hundreds of brands for nightlights available in the market but we will make it easier for you to choose since we are giving you the top 8 best nightlights that you can buy.

A sound sleep is best for baby‘s growth and development but letting the lights on might affect the baby’s sleeping rhythm as well as turning off the lights. Some babies find it hard to sleep without light or is the light too bright. Some toddlers are afraid of the dark so the best thing a mother can do is to have a night light that will serve as baby’s light overnight. According to doctors, the use of night lights had been proven to add up in the brain development of babies.


It is not just beneficial for babies only but most especially for breastfeeding moms who always need to be ready when their babies need to drink milk. It is not easy to quickly jumped off the bed and prepare what is needed by your baby when it is dark. There might be some strange objects in your way that is why night lights may give a sense of security for mothers.


What would be the benefits of using a nightlight? Here are the most common benefits among them:

  1. It gives comfort to the baby and mom as well. 
  2. It also gives security for moms who need to get up to prepare the things needed by their babies in the middle of the night. 
Product Detail Our Score
VAVA VA-CL006: Portable Touch Control Bedside Lamp for BreastfeedingVava Baby Caring Night Light4.8 / 5See Reviews
DIM NightLight with Rest Sound Machine by  Hatch BabyHatch Baby Rest Night Light4.8 / 5See Reviews
Baby Night Light: Bedside LED Nursery Lamp with Dim Brightness AdjustableLOFTER Baby Night Light4.8 / 5See Reviews
Soft Silicone Baby Night Light with Touch Sensor, Portable and RechargeableTecboss Kids Night Light4.7 / 5See Reviews
Bedrooms LED Nursery NightLights with Touch SensorLumiPets LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids4.6 / 5See Reviews
Rechargeable & Dimmable Bedside Lamp, Touch Control Table Lamp for breastfeeding momsAUKEY Night Light4.5 / 5See Reviews
Touch Sensor Lamp Bedside Table Lamp for Kids BedroomROYFACC Night Light4.5 / 5See Reviews
portable Nursery Lamp, bedside for breastfeeding ledGoLine Baby Night Light4.4 / 5See Reviews

The most Important Night Light Features

With so many nightlights to choose from the market, it is important to choose the best one. A great nightlight must have the following important features:

  • Rechargeable
    Not all nightlight is rechargeable that is why you need to consider the location of the outlet. If it is too close to the baby’s crib, then it may give a brighter light even in its dimmest level while if it is too far from the crib, then it may be at its lowest light that wouldn’t be enough for the baby. If this is the case, then you may want to have a rechargeable one.

    The rechargeable night light is also portable. You can bring it wherever you want to go.


  • Design and Color
    Babies are fond of the design and colors of things around them. If you buy a nightlight that your baby won’t like, then it may be useless.


  • Adjustable Brightness of the Light
    Moms are buying night lights to ensure that it will give the exact amount of light needed by babies and by moms who need to breastfeed or to change diapers of their love ones. This is the reason why moms love to buy a nightlight that has adjustable brightness. 

Extra Night Light Features?

There are some manufacturers of night lights who go an extra mile in researching for additional features of a nightlight must have and some of them are the following:

  • Remote or Smart Phone Controllable
    Some of the best nightlights of today are already controllable by a remote or a smartphone that makes it easier for moms and dads to turn on or turn off their nightlights.


  • Timer-operated
    Another great feature of some nightlights is that it can be operated by a timer. You don’t need to get off the bed to turn it off because it automatically turns off after its set-up time.


  • Sound Machine
    Some of the nightlights come with a sound machine that aids the sleeping habit of a baby.

8 Best Nursery Nightlights for Breastfeeding to Put Baby to Sleep

 1) VAVA VA-CL006: Portable Touch Control Bedside Lamp for Breastfeeding

Vava Baby Caring Night Light

Vava Baby Caring Night Light is made from the safest materials that do not contain harmful substances. This nightlight has one and a half-hour timer that gives comfort to babies and mothers as well as it automatically turns off after 1.5 hours. There is a convenient charging base that comes from the package that allows an easy way of charging. All you need to do is to put the light in the anti-slip charging base or you can simply connect the Micro-USB if you are going to charge the light outside the house.

This nightlight has a rechargeable battery which can last up to 200 hours when used for dimmed illumination and up to 6 hours when used at its brightest settings. It also has a Portable Mode which can boost its brightness by 30% when using outdoors and can disable the touch control so that accidental manipulation can be prevented.  It is also waterproof that makes it great to use for outdoor activities of the family and has an SOS Mode that can be used in case of emergency.


Why buyers like this product?

The buyers of this product believe that is a perfect night light for them because of its wonderful features and of its quality.  Most moms find this nightlight very useful, worth its price, easy to use and very cute.

  • SOS Mode
  • One Hour Timer
  • Night Light Mode

2) DIM NightLight with Rest Sound Machine by Hatch Baby

DIM NightLight with Rest Sound Machine by Hatch Baby

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light is a nightlight and a sound machine at the same time. It is designed scientifically using light colors that give a healthy circadian rhythm and also promotes the production of melatonin with white noise to give help babies to have a better sleep. This nightlight can be fully operated using a smartphone.


Why buyers like this product?

For mothers who already tried this product, they find this nightlight to be very stylish. Since it is controllable by a smartphone, it had been the reason why is it very easy to use. The product’s sound machine feature gives a wide range of sounds which is very soothing.  This nightlight’s time-to-rise alert is best for toddlers but can be used to train babies that it is safe to get up when they see the color that you set up for them.

  • Night Light Mode
  • Sound Machine
  • Time-to-Rise Alert

3) LOFTER Baby Night Light

Soft Silicone Baby Night Light with Touch Sensor, Portable and Rechargeable

LOFTER Baby Night Light can give mothers practical use which makes breastfeeding, changing diapers or nursing easy even at night. This also gives comfort to little ones because of its soft RGB color. It is also easy to operate because it is controllable by a remote instead of touching it to turn it on or off.  It can also help parents to save electricity bills because instead of using a full light all night, this night light only uses a small amount of energy.


Why buyers like this product?

The product is well constructed and is made of quality materials that are safe for children. The mushroom dome is also safe for kids because it is flexible and is made up of silicon material. It is very easy to operate because of the remote. These are the reasons why moms and even dads love this nightlight.

  • 5 Brightness Level
  • 4 Lighting Modes
  • Available in 16 Different Colors
  • Smart Remote Controllable

4) Tecboss Kids Night Light

Baby Night Light: Bedside LED Nursery Lamp with Dim Brightness Adjustable

Tecboss Kids Night Light is 100% safe for babies. The anti-blue light feature of the products allows the product not to hurt the baby’s eyes. This nightlight’s design is best for a bedroom and any other decorative rooms.

The battery of this nightlight can last up to 300 hours when used at its lowest light and can stay up to 8 hours when used at its brightest light. This is because of its 1200 mAh battery which charged up in a short time. It gives the light that moms need to avoid waking up the baby or even dads when moms need to check their babies.


Why buyers like this product?

Moms found this nightlight to be easily operated because of the soft-touch feature which easily turns on and off when touches on the head. It has also a great design that is very lovable by babies. Its soft gel dome which likes a chick’s head is super cute. Since it is made with silicone material, it won’t be break easily even if your baby throws it often.

The light brightness is adjustable that is great when a baby is sharing the bedroom with his siblings.

  • Eye Care Night Light
  • Easy and Fun Touch Control
  • Battery- Powered

5) LumiPets LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids

Bedrooms LED Nursery NightLights with Touch Sensor

LumiPets LED Nursery Light for Kids gives a soothing light that offers a calming atmosphere for children of any age and has 8 lulling colors. You can bring it with you wherever you go especially if you go out with your little one and he will be asking for it because it is very portable and is rechargeable as well.

LumiPets also ensures that the product is safe for babies. You can also easily choose your favorite color by tapping on it and it is also controllable by a remote.


Why buyers like this product?

The color and the light are just perfect that it made the baby’s favorite. This light is a miracle –worker according to one of the costumers who tried using it. There is also a great customer service given by the company who sells this product. There are some reports that some of the products stopped working at a specific period but the company immediately issued a replacement.

  • Touch Sensor
  • Portable and Rechargeable
  • Washable

6) AUKEY Night Light: Rechargeable & Dimmable Bedside Lamp

Rechargeable & Dimmable Bedside Lamp, Touch Control Table Lamp for breastfeeding moms

Aukey Night Light is a very versatile light because it is very handy and portable. Its RGB illumination feature brings color to your house that set the ambiance in any room of the house. You just need to simply tap the control point to adjust the brightness level and to manually select the color that you wanted.

It is very durable because of its water, dust and water resistance design. It is also rechargeable and can last up to 5 hours at its brightest level and can be used up to 200 hours with its lowest bright.


Why buyers like this product?

One of the moms that already brought this product said that it is the best purchase she has made for a nightlight. Another says that the light, when turned into the lowest level, is very relaxing while its brightest level can be used as a flashlight because it is bright.

The nightlight also serves its purpose. Its low light allows the baby to keep sleeping even if you need to change his diaper.

  • IP65 Water-Resistance & Drop-Resistance
  • Ideal Illumination
  • Adaptable Light Modes

7) ROYFACC Night Light: Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp

Touch Sensor Lamp Bedside Table Lamp for Kids Bedroom

ROYFACC Night light has gentle color-changing LED lights which is great as a reading lamp or even a bedside lamp. Its soft-touch feature can easily turn on or off the product and can be used to switch modes of lights.

It is proven safe for the baby because of its softness and harmless light.


Why buyers like this product?

Buyers love this product because it is rechargeable and very handy. It has 8 cycling colors which easily changes by just tapping on the top of the light. You just need a little more time of holding to turn it on or off. It comes with a very cute charging base and it is not only for babies but for adults as well.

It is also great for its price because of its wonderful features.

  • Touch- Activated
  • Brightness Adjustable
  • Rechargeable Night Light
  • 8 Color Cycling

8) GoLine Baby Night Light: Portable bedside LED lamp for nursery

portable Nursery Lamp, bedside for breastfeeding led

GoLine Baby Nightlight has an adorable and baby-loved character – hello kitty. It has a very handy and very eye-friendly design which has 7 LED- changing colors. 

It is proven safe for babies because it is BPA –free silicone material that is washable.


Why buyers like this product?

Mommies love this nightlight because of its soft surface and it is very easy to use. The changeable mode of this product from its brightest to its dimmest level is very useful because you can choose which level you want. It is also very cute and the battery lasts long and works as advertised.

  • 7 Color Breathing Mode
  • Remote Controlled
  • BPA-Free and washable

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